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Welcome to B Imaging Systems - Savin Printers
Savin printers are ideally suited to the workgroup or small business. Savin printers combine the ultimate in reliability, ease-of-use, and print quality, all in a compact and affordable package. With outstanding print quality resolution as high as 1200 dpi, desktop publishing has never been so easy.
MODELPrinter Speed B/W (ppm)Printer Speed Color (ppm)Duty CycleNICMax Paper Size
GX250028286KOptional8.5" x 11"
GX3000292925kStandard8.5" x 14"
GX3050N292910KStandard8.5" x 14"
GX e3300N292910kStandard8.5" x 14"
GX e3350N292910kStandard8.5" x 14"
GX3050SFN292910kStandard8.5" x 14"
GX7000292910KOptional11" x 17"
GX5050N303033kStandard8.5" x 14"
SP 3300D30---50kN/A8.5" x 14"
CLP131DN3131150KStandard8.5" x 14"
CLP131DN-KP3131150KStandard8.5" x 14"
MLP31nL31---100KStandard8.5" x 14"
MLP31n-KP3131100KStandard8.5" x 14"
MLP35N35---150kOptional11" x 17"
MLP37N37---150kStandard8.5" x 14"
CLP240D4040200kStandard12" x 18"
CLP340D4040200KStandard12" x 18"
CLP350D5050200KStandard12" x 18"
SP 5100N45---200KStandard8.5" x 14"
MLP150DN50---250KStandard11" x 17"
MLP175n75---300kStandard11" x 17"

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